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The Beginnings Ravindra Pillay began work in mid 1980 as service engineer for VOLTAS Ltd., at the Sales head quarters of their Machine tool division at Bombay. During his tenure of 13 years, he was trained extensively at Europe on Precision Metal cutting CNC Machines equipped with various control systems like, Philips, Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain and Bosch. In 1992, joined FANUC INDIA Ltd. Bangalore, a joint venture of VOLTAS Ltd. It was here, while training the customers on the use of CNC control systems, realized the necessity of providing quality training to the CNC Machine users and the dearth of honest and dedicated transfer of knowledge and experience. He therefore quit FANUC INDIA Ltd., to start CNC Tech. It was not the right time to quit a lucrative job, when there was threat of a war with Pakistan in the Kargil sector. But later in spite of the war, quite a few companies expressed their relief on such services available. It was Kinetic Engg. who first gave an opportunity to prove CNC Tech, followed by Hero Honda and so on. Training. At CNC tech, courses are designed to develop and strengthen the foundation of CNC machine users knowledge, in terms of Operation, Part Programming, Correct setting of tools & work piece, metal cutting principle and safe use of CNC machines. CNC machines are precision and expensive machines. Most of the features of the control system are under-utilized due to improper training on the control systems.