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Corporate Training

CNC Tech aims to provide training to mass participants at your premises and at your convenience and more importantly making training financially viable. The value addition is the savings on lodging, boarding and long distant traveling expenses, thus reducing the training cost drastically. Refer the list of Clientele since 1980.

However much management may have the intention of training their technical staff at the manufacturer’s end, it is not always feasible in terms of costs involved, it is unable to fulfill this need, because bigger the group bigger the expense. Moreover it is difficult to manage production in the absence of production staff. Under such circumstances, the individuals and the company, both suffer in the long run. Quite often, the departmental heads amidst their daily pressures ignore the necessity of training. This leads to the staff learning / understanding the control system on their own, through trial and error.

Courses are designed to suit the corporate objectives and their budget. Accordingly, training modules are prepared depending the duration allotted. Special courses are conducted for Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers.

CNC Training Proposal for At-Site Corporate Courses

Module I (2 days)

Operations (1 day)

Manual operation

Automatic operation

Editing a part program

Displaying setting data

CRT / MDI panel

Function keys and soft keys

Manual Reference return

Jog step & Continuous feed

Manual handle feed

Automatic operation

MDI operation

Sequence number search

Program restart

Subprogram call

Program test

Machine lock and auxiliary function

Feed rate override

Rapid traverse override

Dry run & Single block



Practicals (1 day)

All participants to operate m/c independ.

How to Reference the m/c, Jog axes, use MPG,

Activate commands in MDI……

Precautions while operating m/c highlighted

An interactive session on the m/c for opn

(Edit and run 1 program on the m/c)

Module II (3 days)

Program Writing

How to write safe and syst progs

Program syntax and Format

Program configuration

Examples and Test Programs



Program Editing (4 programs to be written)

Insert, Alter and Delete

Background editing

Automatic operation

Sequence number search

Program restart

Subprogram call

Program test

M/c lock and aux function

Feed rate override

Rapid traverse override

Dry run & Single block


Module III (4 days)


Concepts of CNC Machine

Machine configuration

Closed loop system

Emphasis on Safe Use of CNC m/c

Machine coordinate system

Controlled axes

Reference position

Work piece coordinate system



Safe procedures for tool & job setting

Tips on avoiding accuracy problems

Setting and displaying data

Screens displayed by offset menu




Cartesian coordinates

Polar coordinate

Absolute & incremental programming

Decimal point programming

Diameter and radius programming

Interpolation functions

Positioning in Rapid

Linear & Circular interpolation

Feed functions

Spindle speed function

Constant surface speed (Turning)

Tool function (T function)

Tool selection / Tool geometry

Miscellaneous function (M Codes)

Preparatory function (G Codes)

Turning Canned cycle (G32,G90,G92,G94)

Multiple repetitive cycle (G70 - G76)

Chamfering and corner radius

Tool nose radius comp. (Turning)

Stored Stroke check